BIRD, Tactile Gallery Installation, Mexico-[Ay]A Studio Paris

Design by: Jorge Ayala | [Ay]A Studio Paris
Year of Design: 2010
Client: Private Philanthropy

Another interesting, project from our friends at [Ay]A Studio Paris, that really worth a look!
A gallery installation that interacts with space, shaping it´s sourroudings, presuming from it's visual lightness.

This landmark will accommodate Bird- an installation design by Ay_A Studio based in Paris. The installation stretches out a 22 meter long loft occupying partially the floor enhanced by a labyrinth effect. Visitors and flaneurs will experience a folded subtle high tech effect embracing both the spatial sensation and the interactive aspect of the installation. The 3dimensional mesh is built with bamboos and structural steel connectors while the flowing-like movement is due to the parallel condition operating on its wire-linear organisation offering a fragile and intriguing angular design.
Tactile Gallery is one of the most upcoming finest galleries in Mexico.

Jorge is the founder of [Ay]A Studio. [Ay]A is an international studio operating from Paris committed to cutting edge research and experimentation, across scales. [Ay]A engages the field of design, architecture and landscape urbanism in both academic and professional praxis.

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