Snefjord Road stop / Pushak

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is, as well...ARCHITECTURE! We got used to see only undred square meter construction as architecture, but, there are some small interventions that have everything an architectural design project and aproach should have...

via Arch Daily

Architects: Pushak
Location: Snefjord, the road to Havøysund, Finnmark, Norway
Project Year: 2005
Client: Norwegian Road Administration, The National Tourist Road Project
Photographs: Pushak

The site of the road stop is a paradox. Oftentimes, the hardest winds blow off the sea, and yet the most attractive view is toward the fjord. The obvious response in order to shield tourists from the wind would be to construct a view-blocking wall. Instead three "bench-boxes" prefabricated at a local wharf dot the area, and their differing orientations allow visitors to choose where to sit according to wind and sun conditions.

Two persons or groups can use each box at once while they retain some privacy. The structure is built with steel bars with cantilevered benches and roofs. The interiors are covered with oak. The exteriors are coverd with copper sheets.


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