Artemide Flagship Taiwan, by CROX


Designed by Taiwanese CROX, Artemide's new flagship store in Taiwan is based on the lighting retailer's concept that 'lighting is a source of physical pleasure and mental comfort' - where the architects have played with brightness and the 'sense of hope' instilled by a vision of 'sunlight breaking through a cloud'.

The design makes use of a fiber-reinforced polymer allow for the single, continuous curvilinear form - extending from the ceiling to the wall and forming the counter/desk. This hanging form covers the actual structure of the store, creating the surreal atmosphere.


Now - based on the description I just gave [which is based on what was sent to AMNP by CROX], do you get these feelings of hope, as sunlight breaks through clouds? It would seem to me that night shots wouldn't be the best suited to convey the concepts of this design.

That, and how do people feel about projects like this when the form isn't itself structural? I mean, supporting itself, but being hung from more 'typical' framing - is that 'honest'?


.:info + images provided by CROX ->


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