Zaha Hadid. Beyond Boundaries, Art and Design @ Ivorypress

Ivorypress, presented: Zaha Hadid. Beyond Boundaries, Art and Design. An astonishing exhibition of the way of working and thinking of Zaha Hadid.

Zaha really as no limitations no boundaries that can preventher of trascending what we could call "normal" in tectonics.
The multidisciplinary work of ZH architects is shown in this exhibition. From architecture to art in a flick of a line.

From early sketches that any collectionist would be proud in having in his collection, to LG Himacs surface studies.
Right now, there is now boundary for Miss Hadid. Neither the sky is the limit, because what we could see from concept sketches, prototyped concept objects and ultimate furniture, the sky is already small for such amount of creativity.

Being an absolute lover of Zaha paintings and concept sketches i can only say that this exhibition that gathered from simple curious persons to Zaha "Archistar" lovers/students/whatever, got a little bit short...

...and left everyone anxious for something more.
Reina Sofia museum, some day?

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