glesia del Santísimo Redentor. Tenerife, España

Church of the Santísimo Redentor

The Church of the Santísimo Redentor (Holy Redeemer) is dedicated to the Resurrection, one of the most important moments in the history of the Christianity. So, when the followers begin to lose the faith, the Resurrection demonstrates that Jesus' Word was true.
The design consists of two elements. Big volumes of concrete shape together with the light the totality of the project. The church as the first episode of the Vía Lucis represents the cave where Jesus lied. An austere building absent of superfluous elements, ties, as the life that went and the place where he revived.

When we enter, looking to the background, there appears the clear and illuminated cross. Jesus has revived. Behind, a waterfall of light symbolizes the hollow of the entry to the cave. The light! The life, the purification, the resurrection, the happiness and cleanliness! Each of the sacraments are illuminated.

It gives life to the baptism, the confirmation, the Eucharist, the penitence, to the marriage and the sacred order. Thus, the first light of the day, across the cross, illuminates the baptismal sink, the first light of the Christian. At noon, across the ceiling window, the altar, the confirmation and the Eucharist are illuminated. At 12:00, the Word. A bundle of light falls into the confessionary and on the sacrament of the penitence. It’s the way from the darkness to the light, from the death to the life. The strategic position of the ceiling windows achieves the same effect on the marriage and the priestly order.

The strength of the volumes and the rational game of the light give to the church the shape of deep theological root, where the resurrection increases its significance and across the light it illuminates the believer.

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